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Windows 75 / Aluhaus 75

thermal separator enriched with glass fiber. The profile structure allows for the construction of large luxurious doors with single or double glazed sealed units. The materials and technical solutions used help achieve a high level of thermal and acoustic protection. These doors are perfect for detached houses as well as apartments that require open spaces.

Windows 90 / Aluhaus 90

A window and door system with increased thermal insulation, equipped with a thermal barrier. It is characterized by high thermal and acoustic insulation, waterproofness and resistance to wind load.

UPVC Pixel

Pixel windows are original, slim, and elegant. They have a 33% narrower movable mullion, and a symmetrically placed handle. Pixel series windows have a modern profile shape without any rounding, and provide up to 22% more light to pass through.


The PAVA system is a fusion of innovation and passion for creation. This is our solution for energy savings. What innovative features will PAVA offer you?


Design focused on changing needs.


The latest technological solutions

Patio Doors

Passion for Creation


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