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UPVC Compact Patio Doors

COMPACT patio doors feature an innovative mechanism allowing for easy operation. The minimalist design maximizes the glazed surface area, allowing more natural light into the room.

UPVC Horizon Patio Door

The HORIZON patio door uses “lift-slide” technology, also called “HST”. It is designed to fit modern architecture trends and create brighter home interiors with its large glazing. With steel reinforcements, a low threshold, and micro-ventilation, it is the perfect patio door for more natural light and a brighter interior.

UPVC HST Patio Door

HST patio doors use “lift-slide” technology, also called “HST”. With its innovative technology and solutions, it is an ideal solution for maximizing light in homes. The sashes are mounted on two rails, allowing for easy sliding without overrun.

Aluminum Slide Patio Doors

The aluminum sliding system allows for highly efficient thermal insulation properties due to a thermal separator enhanced with glass fiber. The profile structure enables the construction of large luxurious doors with a high level of thermal and acoustic protection.

Aluminum Fold Patio Doors

An exterior aluminum folding door helps to eliminate barriers between indoors and outdoors. These doors are perfect for detached houses as well as apartments that require open spaces. With an aluminum frame and a wide range of infill models, everyone will find a door for their dream home.


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Patio Doors

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